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Mission Statement

Restore is a Christian outreach and support agency working with vulnerable women and those involved in prostitution in Derby and surrounding areas.

Our aim is to offer friendship and support to women in a non-judgemental and non-discriminatory way. To nurture self-worth and give help to access appropriate services. In this way we seek to enhance quality of life and personal well being. We also promote an improved holistic health status by encouraging engagement with health providers.

For those who desire to re-evaluate their lifestyle we offer encouragement to consider opportunities for change. We provide advocacy and help in overcoming barriers that oppose freedom from chaotic and exploitative circumstances.

Ongoing support is offered to those who desire to pursue change and encouragement given in regaining social responsibility and inclusion. We recognise the wider implications of this for the whole family and where appropriate offer support in facilitating a healthier family life.

Values & Ethos

Restore is a Christian organisation and prayer is an important foundation that underpins our work.

We seek to:

  • Recognise and value the uniqueness of each individual, their family attachments and their circumstances.
  • Respect the individual's choices, leading to a client centred approach to all support given.
  • Create a safe environment within relationships in order to bring respect, value and dignity for the individual. Confidentiality and unconditional positive regard play a significant part in creating this safety and healthy boundaries within the relationship will give opportunity for mutual respect to develop.
  • Encourage a positive self-image, in order to bring motivation for change.
  • Encourage and support individuals to explore opportunities for life enhancing change, using a holistic, non-judgemental / non-discriminatory approach on grounds of ethnicity, religious persuasion or sexual orientation.
  • Demonstrate the love of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ.